Castle Rock Lake

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Types of Fish in Castle Rock Lake, WI.

There is wide variety of fishing in Castle Rock Flowage, Wisconsin but here’s a list of the most common species.  Checkout the Castle Rock Lake Fishing Forum and the Fishing Home Page.

Castle Rock Lake Fishing

Musky, Muskie, & Muskellunge - Clear Muskie, Barred Muskie, Spotted Muskie, and Tiger Muskie.
Northern Pike
Walleye & Sauger
Largemouth Bass
Smallmouth Bass
Strip Bass aka Strippers
Black Crappie & White Crappie,

Panfish including; Bluegill, Rock Bass, Pumpkinseed, Yellow perch, Yellow Bullhead and tons more…
White Sucker
Carp -
Popular for Bowfishing 


Fish Photos & Pictures

The DNR and Local organization also do stock fish in Castle Rock Lake.

Check the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for Bag Limits, Fishing Rules & Regulations for Castle Rock Flowage and other Wisconsin Lakes. 

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Castle Rock Flowage Fishing


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