Castle Rock Lake

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Castle Rock Lake, WI. Hunting

Public Hunting Land around Castle Rock Lake in Juneau & Adams County. Also check out Wisconsin Hunting Land for sale around the Castle Rock Flowage at

Consult the Wisconsin DNR for all hunting rule, regulation and hunting locations!!!


Public Hunting Land Photos


Hunting Land on Adams County Side of Castle Rock Lake WI.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
532 Main St.
Friendship, WI 53934

Adams County, Wisconsin Hunting Land for Sale

Hunting Land on Juneau County Side of Castle Rock Lake, WI.

WI DNR Station
County Rd G
Mauston, Wisconsin

  • Dell Creek Wildlife Area – Seven Mile Creek & Lyndon Township
  • Rocky Arbor State Park – Kildare Township
  • Mill Bluff State Park – Orange Township
  • Juneau County Land – Clearfield, Cutler, Kingston, Finley, Necedah & Armenia Township
  • Plum Creek Timberland – ALL OVER ADAMS COUNTY
  • Kennedy Park – Clearfield Township
  • Central Wisconsin Conservation Area – Cutler, Kingston & Necedah Township
  • Buckhorn State Park – Necedah & Germantown Township
  • Nechedah National Wildlife Refuge – Cutler, Kingston, Finley & Necedah Township
  • Wisconsin River Power Company Land – Around Castle Rock Flowage & Lake Petenwell

Juneau County, WI Hunting Acreage for Sale

Castle Rock Hunting Information & Regulations

Wisconsin Hunting Regulations
Wisconsin Bear Hunting Regulations

Small Game & Wild Turkey WI Regulations
Wisconsin Whitetail Deer Hunting Regulations

Necedah Wildlife Refuge Hunting Map

Wisconsin Trapping Regulations
Castle Rock Lake Hunting offers plenty of different types of wildlife -


 Central Wisconsin Hunting Locations

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